In realizing Indonesia as a maritime axis with 11 maritime pillars the fishery sector gives a very big share. This is due to almost 80% of coastal populations as fishermen. But very irony when the consumption of Indonesian fish is the second lowest in Southeast Asia and the level of prosperity of Indonesian fishermen who in fact maritime spearhead is considered less prosperous. The root of the problem of low levels of fish consumption by the community due to high prices, long supply chains, poor quality, handling and distribution of inappropriate fish and buying and selling of non hygienic fish. Therefore we actors in the field of maritime and fisheries with maritime education background took the initiative to answer the challenge by creating real solutions to increase the consumption of fish and fishermen's welfare. Nalayan Indonesia (Nalayan.id) is present as an effort to facilitate people to consume fish and also assist fishermen in distributing sea products effectively by using technology. Nalayan.id has a mission to create a protein revolution for Indonesian society and respond to challenges in retail trade in the fisheries sector. With the integration of the platform the community can enjoy seafood at an affordable price, good seafood quality and easy buying and selling of fish so that the level of fish consumption of the community increases, more prosperous fishermen and the realization of Indonesia as a maritime axis of the world.



Marine Science Bachelor Unpad

Bintang Bimaputra P

Student at Telkom Univesity

Ghufron Fikrianto
Chief General Affair Officer

Marine Science Bachelor Unpad

Maulida Ranintyar

Marine Science Bachelor Unpad

Isnan Fazri Pangestu



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